Easy authentication in GraphQL with Express and Apollo

In this tutorial I will show how easy authentication can be if you harness the power of GraphQL and Express. Combined you have best of both worlds: querying data like a champ and using traditional API calls for mundane stuff like user creation and authentication.

A/B test

How to A/B test your React and Gatsby components

React and its components structure is a excellent starting point for A/B testing your apps. In this article I will explain how you A/B test React components (even when using Gatsby) and how to collect the experiment data with a third party tool called Mixpanel


Cheap Docker-server with autodeploy (Gitlab), automatic SSL (Let's Encrypt) and Docker-Compose

Sometimes you just need to get a server and deployment flow up and running. My go to solution is a small server running docker, docker-compose and a small load-balancer.